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What is it and how to apply for a payroll advance?

  A month can be very long and more if you have some other unforeseen expenses and you do not get the money to face it. Well, you should know that there is the possibility of advancing the payroll to your company or by requesting a quick credit as an alternative method to the advance Read More

Personal Finance

Investor with losses ?: How to compensate for the losses? Investors who have suffered losses with any of their products can be compensated. Finance gives them the opportunity to compensate for the losses suffered with the profits obtained in the past year and thus reduce the tax bill in the income statement. Although yes, with Read More

How long does the payday loan payment take and when can I get my loan?

Borrowers should be aware that, in some cases, after a loan application, it may take some time for the amount to end up in the account. The lower the amount, the faster the payout usually goes. Many loan providers pay for the money by submitting all documents within 24 hours. Credit institutions first check the Read More

Student loan guaranteed by the State: conditions, amount

What is the student loan guaranteed by the state? The student loan guaranteed by the State is a type of personal loan where the State guarantees the loan, that is to say, that in case of unpaid bills on your part, its role will be to ensure loan repayments for you. The goal of this Read More

The reunification of debts: a great solution for your finances

Maybe at this time or in the future you have to face different types of expenses that carry with you an application for an individual loan for each one of them. If you are one of those who are in this situation, or you are cautious and you are weighing this option in the future Read More